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Date archive: May 2013

The gift… the talent

We often take for granted the talents we have. Artists … we are blessed to be in the position we are so use your talent to make the difference, for when you do, the difference will be seen in you! Dream the Dance, Dance the Dream!


Why do WE want to be happy?  For one once said I live my life to make others happy… how many live to give! Happiness is in the giving and it will come right back to you! The gift to give is a gift of happiness in itself.  Dream the Dance, Dance the Dream!  

Sapnay on B4U Music Channel

Latest News:- Sapnay Productions Rays of Rhythm 3 ‘Let me live my dreams’ will be telecasted on B4U Music Channel (Sky Channel 781) tomorrow Sunday 26th of May on the show called ‘Talk of the Town’ at 18:30 and then a repeat on Wednesday 29th of May at 11:00am…. tune in to watch the Sapnay…

Dance the competition!

To dance the chance of opportunities arise, is this a blessing or a punishment in disguise, for when you win a future so bright, but when you lose you wish you could make it right! Don’t fear the competition let the competition fear you!  Dream the dance, dance the dream!


Dance is a gift, a talent, a satisfaction. For those who teach Dance live their lives with happiness of knowing that what they have they can give and what they give others can have! Dream the Dance, Dance the Dream


Dance is a blessing, a guidance, a passion!  It is the food for the soul, for those who dance to live they live to dance….you cannot put a price…. and hence it can never be bought!  So Dream to Dance, Dance the Dream