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Date archive: March 2015

What is Modern Dance?

Dance is said to be a form of art, besides that it is also a good exercise to our body. Dance gives our body an amazing feel. It brings out a fresh energy from us, both mentally and physically sometimes even emotionally. Dance is something, which is connected with our heart and soul. It keeps…

Different Styles of Dance

There are different styles in dancing. The style of dance is different from country to country. To be more brief  enough the dancing style differs from state to state in a country. The dance has been developed over years from various cultures. Lets take a look at the common dance form all over the world….

Learn Bollywood Dance in London

Other name for Indian dance is “Bollywood Dance”. There is no one particular style in bollywood dance, it is a mixture of various dance forms. There are many states in India, each state has their own style of dance according to their state culture. Bharathanatiyam is the dance style of Tamilnadu. Kathakis the dance style…