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Date archive: October 2015

How A Bollywood or Hip-hop Dance Party Spices Up an Event

How A Bollywood or Hip-hop Dance Party Spices Up an Event

People all over the world have since the beginning of time been expressing joy through song and dance. It therefore goes without saying that for someone planning any type of event, dancing is not only a crucial part of the entertainment, nowadays it’s something mandatory in any party. The evolution of dance through time and…

Tips from a Professional for the First Dance at Your Wedding

A wedding is a special, memorable day, by any standards! It’s a time to celebrate the union of two souls, with the watchful eyes of family and friends. While it’s a hugely symbolic event, it is also meant to be fun! That’s why in all weddings, the couple’s first dance is always a much awaited…

Pursuing your dream of becoming a professional dancer

Growing up, every individual is molded in a certain way that ultimately defines their goals and dreams. It is typically a blend of influences, true passion and talent. These aspirations essentially become a part of who we are and eventually start to realize that it is something that shapes our true potential as an individual….