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What you should know about Sapnay Dance School, London

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What you should know about Sapnay Dance School, London

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- “Sapnay” translates to ‘Dreams’ in Hindi. The Dance School was set up by Ash Oberoi, a Bollywood Dance Choreographer, whose dream was to start a dancing school that helped everybody dance away their dreams.
This is a family-owned business, and Ash’s husband and kids have supported her from the very beginning.

- The Dance School is based in Harrow, with branches in Northwood, Kingsbury, North Finchley, Ilford and launching more branches in other parts of London.

- With the grand opening, the school’s first championship was won by Prabhleen aged 7, becoming the first ever U.K. Bollywood Champion.

- Sapnay has set a new world record attempt in the Guinness World Record holders for holding the Largest Bollywood dance school in Trafalgar Square, London.

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- Sapnay reached the semifinals on Sky TV’s biggest dance show ‘Got to Dance’ out of 3,000 contestants.

- The school not only offers teaching the art of Bollywood dancing, but also teaching, choreography and performing services with a talented crew.

- This school is the first to successfully pioneer the fusion of Bollywood and Hip Hop and currently trains three styles of dance, Bollywood, Bhangra and Hip Hop.

- Sapnay’s unique and original style of work has led to versatile dance routines that can mesmerise the audience.

- Sapnay’s talented team of choreographers and professional dancers on board have some unique Bollywood dance moves and you won’t be able to take your eyes off. What’s more, you can hire them to perform at your shows ,events, and weddings.

- As a school, Sapnay guarantees you the provision of a friendly, happy, effective learning environment.

- Each term the school ensures progression of it’s students, with focussed and individual attention in grooming them as a star!

- The progression within each student cultivates a confidence level that combats stage fright and enables them to deliver a breathtaking performance. Taking students to the next level and ensuring constant seeking of improvement is what matters the most to Sapnay Dance School.

- The school’s studio settings can also be arranged for private tutoring. The one to one lessons are a faster way to get intense training to enhance your dancing skills. You can get the very best of training in a short span of time and learn routines within a couple of hours.

- One of the other services provided includes arranging the music for the learner, whether a medley or a single song selection. Sapnay’s team of specialist teachers/choreographers understands the importance of one to one training and will make you feel comfortable with routines that you enjoy to the fullest.

- Sapnay also organizes workshops to cater different groups. Bollywood or Hip Hop workshops can be catered for any venue, event, school or party. These workshops allow you to learn moves of Bollywood or Hip Hop with trained instructors who know how to keep the whole fun element while learning with others.

- Students who join the school are passionate, which is reflected through their regular attendance.

- The School showcased its students as a whole team in three successful annual productions of “The Rays of Rhythm”.

- The School has done 4 theatre productions after every 2 years. They are of very high standard which provides all the students a huge platform to showcase their talent and gain confidence by performing live in front of packed house.

- If you dream to dance, Sapnay Dance school is where you can dance the dream.

Ash Oberoi

This article was written by Ash Oberoi