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The Art of Modern Dance

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Modern dance is among the hardest genres to specify by method. Modern isn’t necessarily fast or slow or done to certain music, or any music. It does not necessarily highlight particular physical skill or inform a story. It isn’t really necessarily anything. And it can consist of everything. This is fine and great from the view point of many choreographers and dancers due to the fact that in theory it offers them endless possibilities to have fun with.

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The problem is that “endless possibilities” makes modern dance really difficult to talk about and actually difficult for general audiences to comprehend. (This is necessary as they are the ones paying the costs.).

This idea is easy to understand for an art type whose only function seems to be refrain from doing what was done previously. Studios and even colleges commonly do not have time to get into the theory of Modern dance. However, just those who make the effort to learn where modern-day dance originated from with have what it requires to give it a major future.

Ash Oberoi

This article was written by Ash Oberoi