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Bollywood Dancing Is Now Popular In London

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Bollywood dancing has come from very far. In the past, its influence was confined within India and Pakistan cultures. But though films, movies and cultural interactions, some of the dance styles intermingled and spread to western countries, including London.


So What Is Bollywood Dancing?

Bollywood is a term that was coined from combining the words Bombay (Mumbai) and Hollywood. Bollywood dance became popular as a result of India’s film industry producing a lot of movies. For instance in the 1930, India produced over 200 films featuring the Bollywood dancing styles

The Spread of Bollywood Dancing

The eye catching bit of Bollywood dancing is in the distinctive bright colored attire and synchronized dancing used by its dancers. This has interested a lot of people in London to adopt this form of dance.

To add to this, every year on the 11th of November, London residents celebrate the festival of lights (Diwali Festival). This festival usually goes on for five days straight and is mainly for the Sikh and Jaincommunities. The festival features dancers displaying Bollywooddancing styles in London streets. This has made a lot of people in London to take interest in this unique dancing displayed each year.

Dancing has been incorporated into a lot of weight loss programs. This is because many instructors have realized that it is a fun way of losing weight. In the same manner, a number of people are taking special Bollywood dance classes as a fun way of shedding weight.


Whether a child, teen, or adult, there are so many Bollywood dance styles you can learn. All you need to do is to book for beginners or advanced classes. You can also or pay a subscription free and enjoy a homemadeBollywood tutorial right there in London.


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Ash Oberoi

This article was written by Ash Oberoi