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How A Bollywood or Hip-hop Dance Party Spices Up an Event

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How A Bollywood or Hip-hop Dance Party Spices Up an Event

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People all over the world have since the beginning of time been expressing joy through song and dance. It therefore goes without saying that for someone planning any type of event, dancing is not only a crucial part of the entertainment, nowadays it’s something mandatory in any party. The evolution of dance through time and different cultures has left us spoil for choice with thousands of different types of dance styles to choose from. Bollywood and hip-hop dances are however indisputably two of the best options to bring fun to an event.

Both Bollywood and hip-hop are inherited from timeless culture, greatly helping in their appeal to dance lovers of all generations and backgrounds. Even the older folks enjoy sitting back and watching Bollywood and hip-hop dance routines and becoming immersed in the enchanting story told by the intricate choreography of these styles.

Bollywood dance is to most people the dance form used in Indian films; however, seeing past the general description reveals that it is a mixture of numerous styles. Modern Bollywood incorporates other dance styles such as jazz, contemporary, street and hip hop whereas traditional Bollywood includes but is not limited to different classical dance styles and Indian folk, Hip-hop dance is also much more than its common description, street dance; it involves a wide range of styles primarily breaking, locking and popping. Complex choreography employs Bollywood and hip-hop dance styles to not only entertain but like all forms of art, send a message by telling a touching story.

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Bollywood and hip-hop routines are the certain deliverers of fun to your event for a number of reasons:

1. Hip-hop and Bollywood are universal, greatly appealing to guests of all ages, backgrounds and other varying factors. All the guests at your event are guaranteed to enjoy the performance.

2. The hip-hop and Bollywood dances are great icebreakers for your guests due to their interactivity. Guests who do not know each other will be spared awkward silence when they find themselves shaking a leg on the dance floor.

IMG_22633. Bollywood and hip-hop dance routines can be performed at any type of event due to their variety in moves and tempo which can be adjusted to fit any kind of mood. Bollywood and hip-hop dances can appropriately entertain people at a party or a wedding.

4. Bollywood and hip-hop dances blend in at your event and can be performed at any time without clashing other simultaneously ongoing activities. Guests can enjoy a dance while eating, chatting or even networking around the room.

Choose wisely and shop for prospective dance troupes and performers online, phonebooks, classifieds and traditional media like radio and TV in segments where they usually advertise their services. Compare many troupes and performers depending on their price, variety in styles of dance routines they perform, number of performers and duration of performances. After narrowing the list to those most appealing, interview a good number in person. Judge the troupes or performers based on quality, costumes, variety, interactivity and length of the performance staged.

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This article was written by Ash Oberoi