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Choose the Right Dance Performer/Troupe For Your Wedding

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Weddings require great effort to be unique, while outdoing those who managed to walk down the aisle before you. Planning a wedding, from the catering, flowers, to clothing and countless others can be very stressful. After all the planning it is important to ensure both you and your guests can have fun and enjoy some marvelous entertainment. Nothing is more unique and entertaining in a completely immersing way than a dance troupe or performer. There are many reasons you should wow your friends and family with spectacular dance numbers that will make your wedding one of a kind:

1. Dancers are great icebreakers and encourage people to get on their feet through interactive dance routines that guarantee a lively reception.

2. Dancers provide enjoyable quality entertainment to the entire audience irrespective of age, background and other varying factors. Popular dances like Bollywood are a great bet, if you want the guests to feel like they are part of the entertainment.

3. Dancers blend in well with other wedding entertainment items like a deejay or live band. They can work in the background as other activities carry on.

4. Dancers can vary their routine to fit in appropriately into the events lineup at your wedding whether it is a traditional Indian wedding or even a Sangeet night.

5. Hiring a wedding dance troupe or performer is the perfect way to make sure your guests don’t get bored during the boring delays where your guests wait for food to be served or for you to arrive from the photo session.

6. Dance is a unique form of entertainment not provided at many weddings and not yet considered common place. A dance troupe or performer will fascinate your guests who will not soon stop talking about your wedding.


Before spending your hard earned cash there a number of things to consider before hiring a wedding a dance troupe or performers for your wedding. Shop for prospective dance troupes and performers online, phonebooks, classifieds and traditional media like radio and TV where they usually advertise their services. Compare many troupes and performers depending on their price, variety in styles of dance routines they perform, number of performers and duration of performances.

After narrowing the list to those most appealing, interview a good number in person. Judge the troupes or performers based on the quality of their performance, costumes, variety, interactivity and length of the performance staged.

It is not advisable to hire a dance troupe or performer you have not met, though at times people get completely immersed in the myriad of events surrounding a wedding preparation. If you do not have time to conduct personal interviews, check the internet for videos of their performances at previous events to get accurate insight on what to expect. Reading testimonials from former clients posted on their websites or websites such as yelp also assist in making an informed decision on hiring the best troupe or performer within your budget.

Try something new and make your wedding unforgettable by hiring an experienced professional dance troupe or performer to indulge and entertain you and your guests in a truly special way on your special day. Visit www.sapnay.co.uk to learn more about dance troupes, including those that specialize in Bollywood dance, Bhangra, and other traditional Indian dances.

Ash Oberoi

This article was written by Ash Oberoi