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Different Styles of Dance

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There are different styles in dancing. The style of dance is different from country to country. To be more brief  enough the dancing style differs from state to state in a country. The dance has been developed over years from various cultures. Lets take a look at the common dance form all over the world.



Ballet is considered as the basic dance form for the other western dance forms. Most of the dance forms consider ballet as their basic. Ballet is developed over centuries. Ballet is one of the most beautiful and graceful dance style followed all over the world. The ballet dancers are called as Ballerinas. The onstage performance of a ballerina can move the viewer into another world, that beautiful is this dancing style. Ballet dancers should be really hardworking to be a perfect ballet dancer. Only when the dancer is dedicated and highly trained then he or she can bring out the true essence of the ballet style.


Jazz is most fun filled dance style. Jazz is the mixture of different dance styles. A jazz dancer brings in different style and various expression into a single performance. Jazz has become popular over recent years. Most of the television shows and music videos follow this dance form. The dance steps used in jazz looks unique energetic. The most amazing part of jazz is that they use fancy footwork, quick turns and also sometimes the big leaps. These are some of the things that makes the jazz style more interesting.


Hip-hop is the dance style, which attracted everyone after the release of the music videos of the hip-hop music albums. There are four main moves involved in this dance form they are, breaking, popping, locking and krumping. Hip-hop dance is almost similar to the street dance. Hip-hop has the basic style of breakdancing. Hip-hop dancers, has got all the freedom to make moves of any style of dance according to the music. Hip-hop culture follows four variety elements, which takes the dance into a higher stage. The variety elements are, disc jokey, graffiti, MCs, breaker boys and girls.


Belly dance is one of the most interesting dance form because in this dance form the moves are only from hip and abdomen. Origination of belly dance is from North Africa, Asia and Middle East. Belly dance is an amazing exercise to get a fat abdomen. Belly dancing has two different styles, one is “raqsbaladi” the other one is “raqssharqi”. Raqsbaladi is the social form of belly dancing which is danced my both male and female and this style is followed in all the celebrations and parties. Raqssharqi is the movie oriented style of dancing. For this style only female dancers are preferred.

Ash Oberoi

This article was written by Ash Oberoi