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How to choose the best Dance performers for your event in London

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How to choose the best Dance performers for your event in London

Bollywood dances are now a familiar sight in family gatherings, weddings, and even corporate events. If you have decided on including a bollywood dance in your event, here are some tips from us to choose the best dancers and make it a memorable and great experience for those who will be a part of your big day.


• Always decide on your budget before you start searching dancers for your event. If you are seeking a ‘Grade A’ kind of experience but reluctant to spend, this will not work out as you expected. Professional dancers incur a cost, but your investment is worthwhile as the dance session will add a ‘wow’ factor to your event.

• Think about the type of event you are planning , and the type of guests you are inviting. This helps determine what type of dancers would be a best fit. There are professionals, semi-professionals, and students whom you can hire. Students are comparatively a cheaper option, though they might not be able to exceed your expectations.

• For corporate events, it’s better you discuss with the artistic director and their team of creatives to see what they can bring to the table. Try opting for something unique rather than the something that is common.

For wedding performances you’ll need need a troupe that can provide a dance performance that is memorable not only for the audience but the bride and groom as well. At the end of the day, it’s their special occasion and they can always cherish the memories of these beautiful moments.

For Birthday parties hire the right choreographer. If you’re planning on having a ‘dance party’ theme, choose one who is full of energy and fun so that the same is portrayed in the dance moves, making it a great experience for the guests too.

• Determine what you would require from the dancers. If you have any requests regarding the costuming, or a theme that should fit your event, and how long you would need them to perform, which will all depend on how much you can afford.

• You can always audition dancers before you decide on which dancers are the best fit for the event. If you cannot audition them then you may request an audition video clip to be sent to you so that you can see what level of skill they have. You can then judge this performance to see if they are fit to perform at your event.

• It’s always best to meet and discuss with your dancers or the choreographer exactly what you would like from them. This way, they will know what exactly is expected of them and they can also give you feedback on what is possible. You may discuss everything from the actual dancing and duration of it to the costumes.

Ash Oberoi

This article was written by Ash Oberoi