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Learn Bollywood Dance in London

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Other name for Indian dance is “Bollywood Dance”. There is no one particular style in bollywood dance, it is a mixture of various dance forms. There are many states in India, each state has their own style of dance according to their state culture. Bharathanatiyam is the dance style of Tamilnadu. Kathakis the dance style followed in Kerala. So Bollywood dance compress of various styles.

Bollywood dances are very colorful and the music used in this dance form is very interesting. The western music and dance form are also followed in Bollywood dances. It is basically a combination of Indian Folk dance and classical dance styles. Bollywood dance classes in london gives us a great pleasure while dancing because the music and steps followed are very energetic and its really fun dancing.

Now a days the Britain people are attracted towards the Bollywood dance forms. During their visit to India they watch all the dance forms in India and they are eager to learn these dance forms. They say that the steps and the styles gives them the enthusiasm to learn these bollywood wedding performance dance styles.

There are many academes in London, which teaches the Bollywood dances forms. These academy make it easier for the people in London to learn the Bollywood dance. These academy has the best choreographers for each and every dance forms. They also a many troupes as back dancers. When we dance along with the dancers its much more easier for us to adapt the dance form which include bollywood wedding entertainment in London.

Ash Oberoi

This article was written by Ash Oberoi