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Best way to learn Hip Hop Dancing

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One of one of the most fundamental concept of hip jump dancing is doing actually basic moves that specify Hip Hop. Firstly, you have to know that hip hop dances separates/ isolates the movements of the upper and lower body. That simply suggests that both of these primary parts of your body should have its own life, it’s own rhythm. Once you get this into your mind, you’ll ultimately have it constructed into your body rhythm and have the ability to develop on this dance practice.

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With that in mind, bear in mind not to simply focus on your footwork like exactly what a lot of beginners would do. You might have experienced footwork and able to dance at fantastic speeds. Nevertheless, you will lack the showmanship factor which does not take your dancing to the next level.

Express yourself in your dance. Put your character into it. Do not be robotic.

Know your music

Only dance to hip hop beats that you like. Some hip hop songs are not good – or just simply not our design, so just avoid them. Do not dance to a song simply since your good friends enjoy it or simply because it’s popular!

Love your music. You reveal your love for the music through your dance moves!

Ash Oberoi

This article was written by Ash Oberoi