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Make your dancing dream a reality with Sapnay Shcool of Dance

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The dhol beats along with the chiming sound of the chimta(tongs) and then goes the bollis (folk singing) “hoi, hoi; balle balle chak de, harripa ”. Not within a minute it takes to identify this genre for any other person almost nowadays. It is Bhangra, a popular dance style originated in Punjab India that has slowly started taking the whole of global scene by storm.

Indian Bhangra DanceFrom its vibrant colourful glitzy outfits to its authentic rhythm and music, takes everyone into it igniting the exuberant spirit from within.

Popular Bollywood movie tracks to music albums tries to gain commercial success with the help of Bhangra music. In fact even Hollywood industry, and international record labels also have had tried to imbibe Bhangra beats into their music to give a different flavour for the audience. For say Britney Spears Timbaland, Jay Z , Nelly Furtado and Madonna are such notable names who released their Bhangra remixes of their tracks, receiving a wide approval all over the world. Thus one cannot turn his ears away from this powerful music that compels him to dance. From television shows to magazines in the west like Britain’s Got Talent to Harpers’ Bazar have covered this genre of dance in them.

It is no wonder that this seasonal dance performed in the festival of Vaisakhi then, has now stepped into the commercial field along with other genres of dance style, due to its growing popularity.

Thanks to the pioneer of dance maestros all over the world who are putting their efforts to extend its influence throughout the globe, giving a chance to every other dance lovers in reaching out easily to this dance form and making it possible for people to learn by opening Bhangra classes in their dance schools. Hence, we must not leave their efforts dusted but rather count their dedications in making this dance form receive worldwide recognition.

Ash-Oberoi-LondonOne of them to be most talked about is Sapnay, based in London , a brainchild of Ash Oberoi a Bollywood dance choreographer London UK, providing Bhangra Dance classes successfully since its initiation and now its one of the most successfully bhngra dance class in UK. Whose dream of opening up her own dance school in UK is now making a huge success in the business. What more..? Initially, started with the support of her family members, particularly her husband and two sons has now its name “Sapnay” registered in the Guinness World Records for having largest Bollywood Dance class in Trafalgar Square, London. If that’s not enough, take this, even actors and actresses, singers and world class artist have been clients of this successful dance school based in London.

This school also provides Bollywood, Hip Hop Contemporary, Street and Bhangra along with fusion of Bollywood and Hip Hop. But for which the school is very well known is Bhangra and Bollywood as these are the two most preferred choices for westerns to start their dance classes.

Hence the school has managed create and maintain its brand by being the champions of first ever UK Bollywood Dance and making it to the semi-finals of the most popular reality dance show “Got to Dance” out of 3,000 contestants and gradually touching every peak of success in the UK Bollywood Scene. One of the interesting features about this school is that it takes the initiative of teaching tiny toddles of three and half years old kids, besides adults.

The school hold its main centres in Harrow, Northwood, Kingsbury, and Finchley and now is extending its branches in other parts of London like Watford and Ilford with the growing demand of Bhangra, Bollywood and Bollywood fused with other forms of dance styles.

From people with dreams of becoming a professional dancer to people who just want to indulge in the essence of Indian dance, are now preferring to start with Bollywood or Bhangra in the west. And to go with that people are going for Sapnay. Thus, no doubt, it is the quality teaching responsible for the spreading of recommendation of the school to friends and families in the circuit of London.

As the school takes privilege in working with well-known figures in the industry, people back in their homes in India takes pride and privilege in knowing that a folk dance (Bhangra) of their region is making a huge hit in the commercial field and giving India a well reputation for its art in the west.

In fact with its increasing notability, from 2007 the first ever Bhangra Dance Competition Bhangra Showdown began to be organized in London and since then with its growing popularity from 2011 in Leicester UK , there have been Bhangra Wars been hosted where universities to non-universities groups may have a chance to compete each other.

But the question remains; Is Bhangra more famous in UK than in India?

One here cannot deny the fact that Bhangra has got its name itself. It is a brand itself. From its music to dance moves, in every way it has managed to attract the attention of both the east and the west.

Is that could be the reason for the success of this school SAPNAY within a short span of time? Whatsoever the reason is but for now Bhangra exceeds in touching millions of hearts out there and is exceeding with the support of dance institutes that incorporate this dance genre in their curriculum. Slowly and steadily it has managed to mark its imprint alongside with other toughest dance genre like ballet, and contemporary.

Someone has rightly said “Dance is the expression of body, mind, and soul!” it not only gives you a medium to express yourself but also to communicate artistically.

But if you do not know the artistic way of expressing yourself through dance, do not worry. Step in to Sapnay if you are a London resident. Just let your hidden artist side pop out. Let Sapnay help you.

We often take our talents for granted and that can be lost if not preserved. So take a little initiative to approach your nearest dance studio and get started with Bhangra.

Dance the dream, dream the dance!!!

Ash Oberoi

This article was written by Ash Oberoi