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Getting Friends and Family to Prepare For Wedding Performances

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Have you ever attended a very boring wedding that the next thing you wanted to do was go home? Whether a wedding is boring or not, is greatly determined by the quality of performances offered therein. Whether it’s a simple family performance, or friends who want to perform a song in your wedding, never downplay such.


Things could go horribly wrong, and you’ll be the loser. As such it makes sense to hire a Choreographer to take control of all performances in your wedding. Such a choreographer will inject professionalism and precision into all the performances in that wedding, and the guests will be captivated from start to end.

However, there are many going by the names of Choreographers, but who are just half baked wannabes; it would be disastrous to hire such for your wedding. Always consider the below tips when looking for a choreographer to be in charge of all performances in your wedding;

• Choose the right playlist: Now this is very crucial. Leaving the bride and groom to choose the songs they want playing in their wedding is too much work. A good choreographer should be able to select exciting songs that will easily connect well with the people in attendance. This saves the couple a lot of trouble, and at the same time this contributes in making the rest of that big day bearable.

• Ability to liven up the moods of family members and friends: Whenever there is this kind of an event, you want a choreographer who is keen to detail, and who is able to read the public mood. If he senses that a certain performance hasn’t gone well with the guests, he or she should be able to quickly take control of the situation, and kindle the liveliness again in everyone. This can be done by giving out a different performance.

• Chooses who performs what: Wedding performances have to strike the delicate balance of entertaining the guests available, including the elderly and children, all in one session. If too many performances target the kids, the old will feel left out and vice versa if too many performances are appealing to the old only. Thus a good choreographer in a wedding should have a well thought out schedule for all performances, well in advance.

• Choosing the right DJ: The choreographer has the duty of ensuring that the DJ hired is qualified and his/her work is good. Some DJs can be annoying, while others may still continue playing music, when say, it’s time to be quiet doing other things! If you hire a professional choreographer, chances are that everyone they bring along will toe the line.

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Therefore, whether it’s that loving family member that wants to perform a number in your wedding, or colleagues who want to sing during your D day, always have a professional Choreographer to coordinate such and you’ll be amazed at how well everything flows.

Ash Oberoi

This article was written by Ash Oberoi