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Sapnay Indian Dance Workshops in London – How it works

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Sapnay Indian Dance Workshops in London – How it works

Dance is now opening up new opportunities in terms of a career. The entertainment industry is gigantic, employing approximately 30,000 professionals in dance related roles in the United Kingdom alone. There are an array of professions in this avenue from dancing, teaching, choreography or dance notation. Dance workshops are a great way to explore your inner-self while elevating your self esteem.

Dance workshops can help you stay focused on exploring and explaining how the connection between oneself and dance can be acquired through entertainment. Dance workshops teach you an important social lesson and here’s how Sapnay Indian Dance Workshops can help bring out the dancer within you.

Sapnay conducts workshops in two types of dances – Bollywood and Hip hop. All you have to do is call us on +44 (0) 20 8248 5491 and let us know what the workshop is for, whether it is a workshop aimed at children, or young adults in a school or at an event. Once you specify how many students will be involved in the tutoring session, the venue and when it takes place, how long you would like it to be, then we will send across the budget in the form of a presentation with the relevant prices and suggestions. We are completely flexible and we can offer you tailored solutions to suit your needs!

These workshops are a great way to:
• Be involved in a physical activity
• Be creatively and positively engaged
• Enjoy yourself and have fun
• Develop any potential talent that may be hidden
• Learn about the culture of different dance styles

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While it’s a fun activity, Dance Workshops have many benefits, with the main one being a form of cardio vascular workout, which has the potential to attract many enthusiastic beginners week after week. It’s also great in terms of toning up. Dance Workshops basically give you a full-body workout, and the urge to take up dancing as a routine activity in your life! It can tones up all the right places in your body – your calves and thighs and really does some good for your posture. It disciplines your shoulders, your arms and your back.

Taking the first step is always the hardest, but by finding qualified teachers, and tailored workshops, you can be guaranteed of high quality of training. So speak to us, and let us help you discover some moves you never knew you had before.

Ash Oberoi

This article was written by Ash Oberoi