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The Dance Guru; Learning From The Best

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The Dance Guru; Learning From The Best

Since time immemorial, dancing has been a part and parcel of the human race and as the years have gone by, many types of dances have emerged. Today, dancing is no longer being done just for fun or pleasure; many people have enrolled in dance classes with an aim to make a living out of it, seeing that dancing is a lucrative industry. There are several main reasons why one may consider enrolling for dance classes;

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  • For fun; dancing is a great way to relax your mind, soul, and just have fun while at it.
  • Socialising; during the dance practice lessons, you’ll get to meet other people with a similar interest, and socialise
  • Health; popular dances like Bollywood dance have been recommended by doctors to help treat patients with arthritis, and other joint problems. Besides, dancing is generally a work out in itself, from the hips, arms, neck, legs; all get exercised during a dance.
  • Career; one can also enrol for a dance lesson, so as to become a professional and make a living out of it.

Why is it so important for one to learn dance move from experts?

  • If you wish to become a professional dancer, or dance instructor, it is only prudent that you learn from the best. There are numerous qualified and certified dance instructors who will impart their skills to you. These skills will later be your guiding star as you venture out to make a living.
  • Learning from professionals helps you learn the latest dance moves, and how to execute them flawlessly. Remember that competition is stiff out there, and if you are to excel, then you’ll need to get your moves very right.
  • Dancing as a career is more than just getting out there, and performing for crowds or in events. It is also about record keeping, it is about negotiating with your clients, and it is about professional communications. Only a professional dance instructor will take you through these requirements, so that you emerge as a professional dancer, not just moves wise, but in your conduct too.
  • By learning dance moves from a qualified and professional instructor, you are also trained on things like how to behave while on stage, the right attire for different events, and basically, how to be a world class entertainer. You should remember that event planners will expect you to entertain the crowds, and give them value for your money.
  • Again, if you wish t climb the ladder, and become a dance instructor, you’ll need to learn from the best! Dance classes are always full of eager people who wish to learn, and as an instructor, you can cash in on this thirst for knowledge.



Dancing can be taken as a career, it pays well, the opportunities are immense, and more importantly, it has many other health related benefits. However, always scout around keenly to be sure that you are learning from the best dance instructors.

Ash Oberoi

This article was written by Ash Oberoi