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Wedding dance in London

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We know that dance is present everywhere, wherever the happiness is present dance exists there. Most people express their happiness and joy through dance. The forget themselves and involve them in dancing and have fun to the most. Now a day, the dance has become a part of wedding as well. The wedding that happens now takes up dance as a part of the wedding ceremony. They also arrange a dance party before the wedding takes place.

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The family of the bride and bridegroom organizes this party. These parties are organized with a particular theme, like Bollywood theme or retro theme cowboy theme and much more. If the theme is retro the guests coming to the parties should dress up with the retro style of dress and the make up and also the hair do should be of the retro style. When the guest involve them from the moment of getting ready for the party then they will definitely involve them more in the party for dancing.

Then the party hall is also decorated with the elements related to the theme. For instance If the theme is retro then the hall can be decorated with the disco balls hanging all over the hall, and some flashy lights such as red green yellow blue spot lights. If the theme is cowboy theme then the hall can have a horse shed and farm related elements and various types of hats and much more. The parties can also be organized based on some color these themes are called as color theme. If the color theme is announced then the party becomes more interesting because all the guests will be dressed up in same color so that the hall or the place where the party is arranged will look absolutely stunning.

All these decorations and the arrangements are the secondary part of wedding dance the major part of dance is always the music. The music is also selected according to the theme or it can be if any kind.The dances performed are done wit some concept so the songs are chosen which are related to the concept.

If the father of the bride is performing a dance then the song is chosen which is related to a father-daughter relationship. The casual songs such as, pep songs and jazz kind of songs are chosen by the friends and family of the bride and bridegroom. The love songs or the songs which has ,deep thoughts about love or a song which expresses the love in a cute manner are chosen by the bride and bridegroom for the show of the day.

Ash Oberoi

This article was written by Ash Oberoi