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What is Modern Dance?

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Dance is said to be a form of art, besides that it is also a good exercise to our body. Dance gives our body an amazing feel. It brings out a fresh energy from us, both mentally and physically sometimes even emotionally.
Dance is something, which is connected with our heart and soul. It keeps us fit and enthusiastic. An excellent dancer and express himself through his dance. Everyone loves dancing because it brings happiness. Dance is also said to be “stress buster”.

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When a person performs a dance from his soul that will definitely take him to an imaginary world where he can find all the beautiful things and make him comfortable and enjoy his imaginary world. There is no particular style of dancing so that anyone can move their body according to flow of the rhythm.

Dance can be performed even without can music. If one is passionate about dancing he can dance by keeping a tune in his head. Dance is a pure form of physical activity. Dance can bring relaxation for any kind of problems or stress. It is a fact that, dance can also increase the level of concentration.
One can feel very peaceful after performing a soulful dance. Somewhere in life dance motivates us and develops the confidents within oneself.

Dance exist for any kinds of situation it can be happiness, sad, anger, excitement, emotional and much more. Dance is like a medicine it can cure all kind of pain in life. When a person is dancing quite often then it is believed that flow of breathings is maintained in a proper level. Dance is a beautiful art there are many good deeds in dancing. There could be no one in this world without dancing, if you haven’t  tried it yet just start dancing and escape into your imaginary world, definitely you will experience an amazing feel.

There are some people who dance for fun, happiness, joy, indeed to celebrate their love, but still there are some people who dance from their soul, that dance is the one who can enjoy from the starting to the end of the performance. Dance is used to transform one’s  imagination into reality. The choreographer’s imagination is converted into various moves and then it turns into reality. The mental and emotional personalities of a choreographer can be judged from the movements he or she choreographed.

There is no any rules and regulation for dancing. Creation of new steps are always accepted in this dance world. Its human nature to enjoy the environment without any rules so it’s the same here in dancing. Now a days dance has become a part of life for most of the people, they love dancing to relax them and completely to get out from a stress world.

Ash Oberoi

This article was written by Ash Oberoi