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5 Reasons Why Every Woman Should Dance For Fitness

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It’s an open secret that most women love to dance; only that most tend to do it for the fun side of it, hardly taking time to consider the fact that dancing is like a workout, it’s a proven way to keep fit!. Thus enrolling for dancing classes is a very good way to keep fit. Most of these dance classes have professional instructors who will guide you till you make all the moves perfectly. With perfection in your dance moves, comes a fitness that many strive to achieve by working out in the gyms. Not all dances though are recommended for those that want to have fun, and also keep fit while at it. So you may ask, what are some of the best dances that would really make you burn some calories, and really achieve fitness levels in the long term? Well, they include the below;

• Bollywood Dance: The Bollywood dance, which is commonly embraced by the Indian community, is a rigorous dance, where the dancer thrills the audience with her multiple, often synchronised movements. Bollywood is a fusion of traditional and classical Indian dances with influences of other styles for example, jazz, hip-hop and modern dance. Although one may be forgiven for assuming that Bollywood dance is as easy as the dancers make it appear, truth is that it takes many months of hard training. One has to sweat it out, trying to achieve flexibility levels that will enable one to coordinate all the Movements without going offbeat. It’s a very ideal dance to help one lose some weight along the hips, belly, even shoulders.

Bhangra Dance: This Indian dance originated directly from Punjab, and is basically done annually. Often Characterized by heavy drum beats this is a dance that clearly demands much energy and movements to keep up with. This dance contains plenty of leg work, making it ideal for ladies that want to tone up their legs, bum, and lower body in general.

• Hip Hop Dance: Talk to any young lady about the hip hop moves and they will get excited about it. If there’s any dance that would help a lady keep fit, both physically and mentally, then it’s Hip Hop. One can practice the moves indoors, outdoors, depending on preferences. It combines the rigorous movements of the hands, head, legs, waist; Hip Hop basically involves the whole body.

Indian Bhangra Dance

Reasons For Dancing For Fitness

1. Memory Booster: As a woman, chances are that you’ve got a lot going on in your head, whether family, job related, and so forth. Dancing helps boost your memory a lot.

2. Body flexibility: Dancing makes one more flexible, it’s a form of work out. Even patients with Joint problems are advised to dance by doctors to enhance flexibility.

3. Reduces Stress: Many times women find themselves too preoccupied with house chores, children, name it. But a nice dance session is like a therapy; it soothes the soul and erases the stress that was there before.

4. Helps lose weight: Dancing is a sure way to lose weight, especially under the tutorship of an expert dance expert. Whether it’s toning your biceps, or shedding off extra pounds around the hips, dancing helps achieve all those.

5. Energy booster: Women have a different way of releasing their anger when upset. Some shout, others cry and others do some extra ordinary annoying things. But, next time you’re upset, try doing a jig, a quick dance. It works miracles.

Ash Oberoi

This article was written by Ash Oberoi