About Sapnay

Hi, my name is Ash Oberoi, a Bollywood Dance Choreographer based in London UK and the Artistic Director of Sapnay School of Dance. My dream, Sapnay began with one vision, one dream. Although for 13 years I had a passion and desire to run my own school, it wasn’t until the time was right that I started and hence today Sapnay is a well-established Dance School based in Harrow, Northwood, Kingsbury, Finchley, Dagenham, Woking and more branches opening in other parts of London.

My passion to run my own school and making a difference to someone else’s life came with the full support of my dear husband and two wonderful children Prabhleen and Manraj. When we stepped into this world of Bollywood the doors to our success started with a grand opening of our first championship win by Prabhleen age 7yrs becoming the First ever U.K. Bollywood Champion and more competitions followed to which we have maintained our success of wins. Sapnay has also successfully gained a new world record attempt and became Guinness World Record holders for holding the Largest Bollywood dance class in Trafalgar Square, London. To our very recent success, Sapnay reached the semi-finals on Sky TV’s biggest dance show ‘Got to Dance’ out of 3,000 contestants and ITV’s Britain’s Got Talent 2016 reaching the semi-finals yet again.
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My journey began with taking on projects from all walks of life, but our work as a school whether it came to teaching, performing or choreography excelled and endured success each step of the way. With every project, Sapnay’s unique and original style of work led to versatile dance routines that mesmerised the audience. Sapnay are the first Bollywood company to pioneer successfully the fusion of Bollywood and Hip Hop and currently teach many dance styles such, Bollywood, Bhangra Street/Hip hop, Jazz and Contemporary.

We became the rising star to the UK Bollywood Scene as we offered outstanding performances and along our journey, we were privileged to work with well-known figures in the industry whether they were famous actors or actresses, singers and or other highly skilled artists. We have enjoyed our experience through and through.

We are committed as a school to provide, a friendly, happy, effective learning environment and with this, in mind, we ensure that each term we see the progression in our students. The progression within each student embraces a more confident individual. We have had the wonderful opportunity to showcase our students in five successful productions the Rays of Rhythm (read more about this in the annual production section). These productions allow us to push the artistic boundaries and our students to the next level ensuring to see constant improvement, whilst building upon artistic growth and confidence.

Onboard Sapnay we have a wonderful team of professional teachers, choreographers and performers that make Sapnay what Sapnay is today.

Sapnay “Dream to dance, dance the dream!”