Sapnay Corporate Events

Are you thinking of adding some excitement and style to your company event? You’re in luck! Our corporate entertainment services offer something special that will impress your guests. We’ve got a talented team of Bollywood dancers and skilled dance performers who can bring the vibrant world of Bollywood right to your event.

Our Bollywood dancers are experts in both traditional and modern dance moves, so you can expect an energetic performance that will have everyone dancing along. Whether you’re hosting a corporate party, launching a new product, or organizing a fun team-building event, our performers will create an amazing atmosphere that will make your event even more memorable.

Make your corporate event stand out with our corporate entertainment featuring talented Bollywood dancers and skilled dance performers. Contact us today to discuss how we can tailor our entertainment to match your needs and make your event truly unforgettable!

Dance Moves

Boost your team’s spirit and togetherness by adding fun dance sessions to your corporate gatherings. Our friendly instructors are experts at teaching exciting Bollywood dance moves, making sure everyone enjoys themselves and works together as a team.

When you choose us, you can count on our professionalism and reliability to make your event truly special. Booking is as easy as making a quick phone call, sending us an email, or filling out the form above.

Our talented Sapnay Bollywood performers bring a touch of glamour and entertainment to your event. Their amazing performances will make your event unforgettable, leaving a smile on everyone’s face. Make your corporate events lively and memorable with our fantastic artists!

Enjoy the services of our professional team for any of your requirements

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What our clients say

When we say we are the premiere dance academy for learning Bollywood dance in the UK or hiring professional dancers and choreographers for your next event, this is what we mean.

Other services

Bollywood Dance Classes UK

The School

  • Professional, trained, DBS checked teachers
  • Choreographers with unique skills
  • Disciplined teaching in a fun environment
  • Provide performing opportunities with Sapnay Productions

Wedding Services

  • Providing wedding entertainment for any wedding function
  • Preparing and teaching first dance choreography whilst making the whole process memorable and enjoyable
  • Preparing and teaching group or solo dance routines to family, friends of any age

Dance in An Event

Dance Party Experience

  • Dance Party Experiences will create fun filled moments whilst learning and enjoying different dance styles
  • Bollywood and or Hip hop routines can be taught to any age group or number of guests at any occasion
  • Experienced and professional dance entertainers are provided for dance party experiences

Bollywood Dance Classes UK

Bollywood Productions

  • Sapnay productions is a voluntary organisation not for profit
  • The theatrical production is performed with all the Sapnay students and special guest artists every year to raise money for charity
  • The production provides the Sapnay students the opportunity and platform to enhance their dance skills whilst gaining artistic confidence and growth