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Sapnay Productions

Sapnay Productions is a voluntary organisation not for profit, every year Sapnay will put together a theatre production with all the students of the Sapnay School of Dance, professionals and guest artists to raise a percentage of money for charity.

The productions provide a platform for artistic growth with the aim of performing a high calibre ‘West End’ like show. These productions are compulsory for every student of the Sapnay School of Dance purely to ensure no one gets left behind giving each student an equal opportunity regardless of their level and ability.

As a token of appreciation, each student is awarded a trophy on the day of the production for all the valued efforts delivered through rehearsals and the show day. With five productions performed so far, Sapnay is now underway preparing for their 7th Production taking place on 11.11.2023 at the prestigious Wycombe Swan Theatre.

Enjoy the Sapnay theatrical productions by performing

To enrol and be part of our productions, contact us on
+44 (0) 20 8248 5491