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Sapnay Wedding Performances

Your wedding day is a big deal, and we want to make sure it’s filled with amazing moments. That’s where Sapnay Wedding Performances comes in. We’re here to make sure one of those moments is an awesome Bollywood wedding performance that your guests will be talking about for ages.

At Sapnay Entertainment, we’re experts at creating special wedding performances that will wow your guests and add a touch of elegance to your big day. We’ve got packages to fit all kinds of weddings, so you can trust that your wedding entertainment will be top-notch.

So book our professional team of dancers to make your wedding a super memorable one. One of the coolest things we also do is create a magical first dance for the newlyweds. Our talented choreographers will work closely with you to come up with a one-of-a-kind routine that tells your love story and make your first dance as a married couple truly enchanting.

But the fun doesn’t stop there. We also offer group choreography for your friends and family so everyone can join in and create awesome memories together. Whether you want an energetic group performance or a graceful ensemble dance, our team can make it happen.

If you’ve got specific ideas for themes or choreography styles, we’re all ears. We’re here to make your wedding dreams come true and cater to your every wish.

If you’re looking to add some fun to your pre-wedding celebrations, we’ve got you covered with hen party dance classes. Get your bridal party together for a fun dance session and create some joyful memories before the big day.

Our wedding performances and choreography classes are all about the magic of Bollywood dance. We’re all about making your wedding day extraordinary. We offer Bollywood dance classes in London, and we these are all set up through our private lessons booking.

At Sapnay Entertainment, we’re all about creating lasting memories for your wedding day, not just for you but also for your beloved guests. Let us bring Bollywood and dance magic to your celebration and make your special day even more unforgettable.

First Dance Choreography

Having the first dance choreographed is special and unique. Finding the right choreographer to understand how you would like to have your first dance is important. Sapnay choreographers go beyond just choreography and literally understand what the couple would like.

We are aware that not all couples are dancers and providing the right type of choreography to cater for each couple is an important process. We understand that like our choreography each couple is unique. With our great teaching skills and choreography, we ensure that each couple feel at ease to really enjoy the moment and the experience of a choreographed first dance!

Wedding Dance Classes
Wedding Performance Services

Group Choreography

Many a time friends and family want to be involved with dance performances at the wedding. Sapnay bring the whole choreographed and fun element of dance routines in place for group choreographies making the whole process a memorable one. If you find the process of choreography too much we can tone it down and have special lessons for groups to learn basic moves instead, ensuring each individual is made to feel confident and comfortable and still be part of the celebrations.

Special Request

Would you like any part of your wedding event process or the wedding event itself be themed? If you are adventurous and would like to go for a more themed event then Sapnay are able to take that pressure off your hands by finding the right resources for your themed party. If you have a special request for other styles of choreography to be included as part of the Bollywood Performance Package then Sapnay are able to incorporate styles such as hip-hop, contemporary, classical or salsa as part of the package. Speak to our special requests team to create the perfect event for you.

Wedding Performance Services

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What our clients say

When we say we are the premiere dance academy for learning Bollywood dance in the UK or hiring professional dancers and choreographers for your next event, this is what we mean.

Other services

Bollywood Dance Classes UK

The School

  • Professional, trained, DBS checked teachers
  • Choreographers with unique skills
  • Disciplined teaching in a fun environment
  • Provide performing opportunities with Sapnay Productions

Corporate Events

  • Providing mesmerising dance performances by professional dancers
  • Choreography by a team of creatives in line of the client’s vision
  • Performing with colourful and vibrant costumes and use of props to make visual impact enhancing any concept or performance

Dance in An Event

Dance Party Experience

  • Dance Party Experiences will create fun filled moments whilst learning and enjoying different dance styles
  • Bollywood and or Hip hop routines can be taught to any age group or number of guests at any occasion
  • Experienced and professional dance entertainers are provided for dance party experiences

Bollywood Dance Classes UK

Bollywood Productions

  • Sapnay productions is a voluntary organisation not for profit
  • The theatrical production is performed with all the Sapnay students and special guest artists every year to raise money for charity
  • The production provides the Sapnay students the opportunity and platform to enhance their dance skills whilst gaining artistic confidence and growth