Hiring Bollywood Dancers – Tips, Advice & How to Book

Hiring Bollywood Dancers – Tips, Advice & How to Book

Bollywood dancing is the amalgamation of a huge variety of dance forms and styles that is featured in Bollywood films or the movies of the Hindi film industry. Ranging from traditional and classical forms to western, freestyle and contemporary, dance performances to Bollywood music incorporate many of these forms which is a real spectacle and treat to the eyes. Bollywood dancers are professionals who are trained in various genres of dancing, and hence, have also mastered the art of dancing to Bollywood music. Bollywood dancing requires as much energy and stamina as it requires skills. The beats are usually fast, and the moves are vigorous, therefore, professional training is a must when it comes to this form of dancing. If you are looking for a group of dancers to hire for your next event, and your choice happens to be Bollywood, you must look for a group that is well-trained in the genre. It can be quite hard to keep up with dancing to Bollywood beats for a longer time.

Bollywood dance performances can add oomph and glamour to any event. It is not just about dancing, the theatricals, the lights, costumes and sometimes even story-telling through performances makes it a whole experience and a spectacle to the eyes. If you are hosting an event, and you wish to elevate the experience of it for your guests, then hiring a professional group of Bollywood dancers will do it for you. Bollywood dancing is not just limited to traditional events anymore, it is quite flexible and can impart life to a whole lot of events. Corporate events, dinners, wedding receptions, birthday parties, cocktail parties and dances are some of the events that are absolutely suited for Bollywood dance act performances. These dance performances are filled with energy, and are packed with entertainment, so your guests will be thoroughly enjoying themselves for hours at a stretch if you wish to book them.

Booking Bollywood Dancers

You have to consider a few things when you consult an agency or a group of Bollywood dancers to make sure that your event runs seamlessly. The first thing to remember when booking Bollywood dancers for your events is to consult them about the duration of their performance, and to make sure if their duration fits with the timings of your event. They might charge you extra for an extended performance should you choose to avail that. Other things to be considered are the venue of the event, and the space that is available to you. You need to consult both the venue organizer as well as your dance troop and make sure that the provisions for the stage is adequate. Bollywood performances are usually elaborate so there must be provision for either a stage or at least a space dedicated for setting up music and props for the performance. Moreover, let the dancers know the kind of the event that you are hosting, whether it’s corporate or family events like birthdays and wedding receptions. Communicate with them about what they have to offer differently for different events, and also let them know what you are expecting. Most dance groups carry their sound systems with them for playing the music, however, others have provision for live music. Some groups might not provide their own sound system, and hence, these things need to be discussed beforehand with the agency. Live music along with dance acts will include special pricing as well.

The overall cost of booking a Bollywood dance group for your event depends on a number of factors. More experienced groups will have prices that are steeper than others, but then again you will be paying for a good time because they know how to entertain a crowd. Location, duration, and factors like audience participation in the performances also contribute fairly to the cost of booking dancers. However, the one thing that is an absolute given for any Bollywood performance is that it will take your event to the next level. So, if you are contemplating hiring Bollywood dancers, then think no more. Let the discussions start, communicate your needs, and hire Bollywood dancers. Keep in mind our tips and advices, and get your guests grooving to some Bollywood music for your event.

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