Latest Trends of Bollywood Dance & Sangeet Performances

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Latest Trends of Bollywood Dance & Sangeet Performances

Weddings today are larger-than-life events that comprise multiple celebrations and functions. It’s almost a gala bringing together families that are ecstatic and joyous to mark the union of the bride and groom. One of the most happening events at a big fat Indian wedding is the sangeet. Sangeet is night of festivities and dancing where the friends and families of the bride and groom take turns to present their performances, especially showcasing their groovy dance moves. The Sangeet night dances are also often prepared by each side of the family to outdance the other in the spirit of a fun competition.

Choreography is the King!

Sangeet preparations take months if you are really dedicated to stun the wedding party with your and your group’s performance. You need to get in touch with a choreographer who can assist you with any kind of performance, be it the bridesmaids’ dance, groomsmen’s dance, or couple dances.

Bollywood Bridesmaids

The bridesmaids’ dance is usually one of the most anticipated performances of the night from the bride’s side. The bride’s best friends grace the stage, and rock it with some desi thumkas. These performances bring out the spirit of Bollywood with desi dance moves to evergreen songs like quintessential Karan Johar Bollywood number ‘Bole Chudiyaan’ to ‘London Thumakda’. For a little western twist to this, songs from the movie ‘Veere di Wedding’, a film that focused on celebration of wedding and sisterhood, especially ‘Tareefan’ has been a hot favourite amongst the bride tribe. Bridesmaids are also keen on pulling off sizzling performances and experimenting with dance forms and numbers. Freestyling and belly dancing have taken Bollywood by storm, from Nora Fatehi to Jahnvi Kapoor, leading ladies are seen showcasing their belly dancing skills on screen with hits like ‘Dilbar’ and ‘Nadiyon Paar’. Some of the glam has obviously rubbed off on weddings as well when it comes to sangeet performances. If bridesmaids have a knack for experimenting with dance forms, the basics of belly dancing can be choreographed and learned in a couple of months. Sometimes, the bride comes up on stage for a secret performance. Songs like ‘Radha’, ‘Banno’, ‘Makhna’ are in trend, to which the bride can match her steps and steal the show.

Grooving with the Groomsmen

Groomsmen like to keep it fun and light when it comes to sangeet performances. But they are not losing the best performance of the night tag to any other group. To ooze swagger, the party of men absolutely enjoy highly energetic numbers especially those starring Ranveer Singh. ‘Raam ji Ki Chaal’, ‘Malhaari’, ‘Aankh Maarey’, and ‘Gallan Goodian’ are some of the hot favourites. Some of them rock the clean suit look like Ranbir Singh in ‘Yeh Jawani Hai Deewani’ and replicate his sangeet performance on ‘Badtameez Dil’. Sometimes the groom also joins the merry party, and showcases his groovy dance moves and get the audience hooting and cheering. It’s best to have the groom trained with some of the dance moves, especially if the song is anything like ‘Raam Ji ki Chaal’. The groom must be the centre of attention in that case.

Filmy Love Story Sequence

A true Bollywood sangeet night is incomplete without a filmy retelling of the bride and groom’s love story through performing to a bunch of vibrant songs. This performance is either a combined effort of both the bridal party and the groom’s team, or it’s the bride and groom that take the centre stage. Bollywood has no dearth of romantic songs, from ‘Dilwale Dulhaniya Le Jayenge’, ‘Hum Aapke Hai Kaun’ to ‘Yeh Jawani Hai Deewani’, romance and wedding numbers galore for the wedding party to choose from.

It’s never a dull night if the sangeet is Bollywood-night-themed. You might have to put in some time and effort to get your groove in and polish the moves, but the hooting and cheering, in the end, will make everything worth it. Bollywood numbers and dance moves are perfect to bring out the desi in an Indian Sangeet. We have already let you on in some of our best Bollywood Sangeet knowledge. So, get out your dance shoes, sort your playlist, and start practicing your moves for the big day!

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