What is Bollywood Dancing?

What is Bollywood Dancing?

Bollywood Dance is a dance style originated from India from the screens of Bollywood or Hindi Cinema the ‘city of dreams’ Mumbai. Bollywood is not a physical place like Hollywood but in the early times Bollywood stemmed from the more traditional styles of Indian classical forms of Kathak, Bharatnatyam and folk dances and dominated Bollywood cinema. As Bollywood Cinema transitioned with western influences so did the music, culture and dance style and now Bollywood dance has the most expanded fusion of other dance styles such as Jazz, Contemporary, Street & Hip hop, Gymnastics, Salsa and many more to contribute to what Bollywood Dancing is today.

Bollywood music has transformed by merging with modern instrumental beats and collaborations which in turn has impacted how Bollywood Dance is choreographed and performed today.
Bollywood has created its own worldwide recognition and has given choreographers the freedom to create dance routines that can be mesmerising and creatively challenged. There is a vast variety of how you could take the dance style to different levels of artistry and can learn the dance style from it’s old school Bollywood style dance moves to modern, commercial style Bollywood all within the umbrella of Bollywood dancing. As with Indian classical dance forms Bollywood has no official curriculum or examination however it is a dance style of great presence and pizzazz. Its glitz, glamour and energetic performances are extravagant and yet when you bring the word fusion to Bollywood, this could easily be Bollywood in fusion with Indian classical, Bhangra or western influences. Bollywood dancing has its own capacity to bring together technical and fun learning for you.

Finding the right teacher or choreographer to provide lessons in Bollywood Dancing is important, as a style with many influences it still has grown from technical strength, and a well trained teacher/choreographer versatile in many styles can always provide that guidance to your dance confidence. Here at Sapnay we know the importance of finding the balance between the fun and fundamentals, enjoy it and learn from it! Our teachers and choreographers are so versatile with different dance styles that’s why we make our modern Bollywood dancing so attractive for our students to further enhance their skills and enjoy every moment of it. Dream the dance and dance the dream.

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